Dealing With Tree Trouble?

Call on us for tree removal services in Carmel, IN

Trees with wood rot, infestations or other significant damage can be disastrous for your home or yard. If you're worried about your tree's health, call Rogers Tree Service & Landscaping for tree removal services.
We can remove trees for both visual appeal and safety reasons. Consider tree removal if your tree:

  • Is dying or dead
  • Has storm damage
  • Is infested by insects or fungus
For situations where an individual part of a tree is causing issues, we can also do tree limb removals. Our service area includes Carmel, IN and surrounding areas.
Talk with us today about tree removal work for your property by calling 317-456-6189.

A safe removal process for every tree

When you hire us to remove a tree, we will take the tree down safely without causing damage to its surroundings. Our team cleans up the surrounding area afterward and removes any leftover limbs or stumps.

We prioritize the safety of our clients, crew and the property when completing tree limb removals or full tree removal services.

Get in touch with us today to schedule tree removal services in Carmel, IN and surrounding areas.